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How do I make an appointment?

You are welcome to contact me through the contact form on this site or via email.  I will respond to you within one working day.

How much are your fees?

Each basic counselling session lasts 50 minutes and the fees can be found HERE.  The correct fee is payable via Paypal . I require confirmation of payment before the day of the your first session. 

How does your billing work?

I cannot provide direct billing arrangements. You will be provided with a receipt which you can then submit to your insurer for processing and reimbursement. Availability of this service is dependent on your carrier and/or plan. Please note that all fees are ultimately the responsibility of the patient. You will pay the full amount of your visit up front.

What is your availability?

Appointments are available CET 16.00 to 19.00 or by special arrangement.

How many sessions will I need?

Therapy works differently for everyone and therefore it is impossible to determine how many sessions you might need.  It is best if you can commit to regular sessions to ensure consistency.  Whilst some clients prefer a set time period and total costs, others are happier with an open arrangement to see how counselling develops.  

Do I have to be an expat?

No, absolutely not. My own working experience makes this a demographic I understand well and can work with, but services are open to you wherever you are and whatever your residence status.

Is counselling confidential?

Absolutely. I work within the Ethical Guidelines of ISCA (an international school counselling association) and within the remits of the British Psychological Society. where confidentiality is paramount.  I will talk to you about this and other important information before we begin therapy.  

Do you provide therapy for children?

Yes, the bulk of my work is with teenagers.

Will my situation be too troubling for the counsellor?

It may well feel to you that what you are going through is not only huge, but burdensome for others, but YOU are not your situation.  We will look carefully at where your thoughts on this come from. I welcome you as you are: tired, feeling extremely low, confused, angry or even ashamed.

Can I really be helped?

If you really want to be are willing to commit to the counselling process then yes, you can be helped.  You are in charge and I will sit with you, be with you, helping you get to where you want to be.  There is no miracle cure, no magic pill, and the journey can certainly be hard work.

I have a mental health diagnosis.  Can you still work with me?

Yes.  Some people find a label is helpful for them but I prefer to understand firstly how you feel and what you perceive to be your issues. We can discuss your diagnosis as part of this process if you have one. How you feel about your diagnosis is important. Whether or not you are taking medication is important for me to know. Lifestyle issues will also be discussed in some detail with you.

Can I expect to feel better right away?

Some clients do report beginning to feel better as soon as they have made their first appointment or during their first session. This is probably down to a sense of relief at having made the commitment to address an issue which has been troubling you. Mostly, though, people do not feel better immediately. Counselling can be emotionally painful. If the problems you are dealing with were easy to solve, you would not have been looking for professional help. Though the short-term difficulties in addressing issues and making necessary changes may feel very challenging, the long-term gains will almost certainly feel worth it.

Can you tell me a bit more before I make an appointment?

Therapy is collaborative process. It’s not something I give to you. My initial training was in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I remain convinced of its worth. However, we would work out between us what works best for you and what it is you are hoping to gain from counselling.  Your previous experience of therapy, if you have it, will also be of interest.