Individual clinical supervision for school counsellors.

Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

No. of Sessions – 10

Total Session Duration – 600 Mins

Validity – one academic year

Mode – video call

Medium – Zoom/Whereby

Cost: 800 euros

What is clinical supervision?

Clinical supervision is a process in which an experienced counselor may provide consistent support, instruction, and feedback to foster a non-experienced counselor’s psychological and professional development while evaluating his or her delivery of clinical and ethical services (Bernard & Goodyear, 2009; Studer, 2005).

If you operate as your school’s sole counsellor, or feel that intimate professional conversations with colleagues are not possible in your circumstances, online clinical supervision could be for you.

School counsellors do an outstanding job. It’s often an isolating role. Management often don’t quite know what you do. Colleagues don’t either. You are seen as an extra teacher, an all round ‘fixer’ of kids and adults alike. You are assumed to have unlimited depths of patience, self-motivation and energy.

My recent M.Sc. Psychology thesis was entitled A phenomenological analysis of the role and well-being challenges experienced by professional International School Counsellors Read the full paper here.

The purpose of this service

This service is intended for professional growth and reflection around professional practice. Whilst personal issues almost certainly enter into the overall process, this is not intended for personal counselling, which can be organised through a separate arrangement. In this event, I would not undertake both personal counselling and professional supervision.