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Kwanza Blitz

Kwanza lodge
Kwanza River
River of dreams
River of schemes
Schemes of lust
Schemes of joy
Joy in itself
Joy in being
Being here
Being near
Near to bliss
Near to this
This escape
This repose
Repose required
Repose inspired
Inspired by beauty
Inspired by calm
Calm as day
Calm as night
Night closes in
Night enfolds
Enfolds the spirit
Enfolds the dream
Dream of me
Dream of you
You in harmony
You at peace
Peace and quiet
Peace flows
Flows like a river
Flows through everything
Everything, everywhere
Everything right
Right for here
Right for now
Now, the moment
Now, the place
Place in time
Place in history
History winks
History thinks
Thinks of today
Thinks of a way
Way to make amends
Way to move on
On my own
On the way

a forgiveness poem

I can be gracious and forgive
But don't ask me to forget
Oh, I can live and let live
I can be gracious and forgive
It's almost attractive
This mental pirouette
I can be gracious and forgive
But don't ask me to forget


Neurons firing
Across carriageways
Under construction

Messages half sent
Half conceived

Fantastical plans
Free of consequence
Free of sense

Forging ahead
To freedom

Responsibility looming
'Clean your room' ing
All happening too soon

Errors of judgement
Under the spotlight
Decisions of ego

Seemed like 
Such a good idea
At the time

Practicing adulthood
Without the tools

And understood

Letting go
Still abetted

A journey toward
A revelation


Burn the wick
Just as the flame can burn the hand
That strays incautiously too close
Blistered reminder of impulse

So the hand can snuff the flame, command
Extinguish the light and the heat
Its purpose quashed and incomplete

Gentle shielding will understand
Nurture, direct the naked light
Use its power for doing right

Protect the flame,reprimand
The feisty draught set to blow out
The light offering to end doubt

The thoughts and actions left unplanned
In darkness fester and take on
A life, a needless marathon

Illuminated, become grand
The candle flickers and breathes life
Burning passions put paid to strife



A precious gift winged back graciously with a newfound comrade
Requested, admittedly, but despite that still nicely played
Tiny little thoughtful gestures, building bridges, setting scenes
Providing succour, nourishing, customising host cuisines
What begins as a love/hate relationship makes us braver
This is now a comfort, familiar and homely savour
More heartfelt, problematic and contentious than mere flavour
Let me open your secrets and won’t you come to my aid?
Darker and scarier than multitudinous Halloweens
It’s a matter of taste, I insist, my point to belabour

Does double acrostic exist as a thing? It does now…

There she blows

The day is stifling heat
Humid,even here,to the touch
Excitement felt at the promise
Realistic, though, bet-hedging as ever
Eager for a sighting, full of hope
Scanning the twinkling seas
Humpback whale, oceanic mammoth
Each false sighting helps anticipate...
Behind us! goes the cry. We look, absorb
Launching, a balletic, fun-filled twirl
One, three, four - performance in macro
Whales breach, flukes splash, blowholes blow
Scenes of splendour, humbling memories

A double Etheree today…Private

A shared moment
Of trust and of hope
Something passed between us
Something profound and surreal
Daring us to grasp on, hold tight
Never letting this moment leave us
Hungrily holding on with all our might
Knowing now, this is not just another night
A hint of a future, suddenly real
Not imagined, extant and bright
More than the sum of our parts
A shared vision of hearts
Time now to absorb
Eternity nears
And how you

A triolet in iambic pentameter – an apology

I’m so sorry it had to be this way
My intention was not to cause you pain
Perhaps we’ll feign again another day
I’m so sorry it had to be this way
But leaving is easier, as they say
Than being left, lost and wounded again
I’m so sorry it had to be this way
My intention was not to cause you pain


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