Kwanza lodge
Kwanza River
River of dreams
River of schemes
Schemes of lust
Schemes of joy
Joy in itself
Joy in being
Being here
Being near
Near to bliss
Near to this
This escape
This repose
Repose required
Repose inspired
Inspired by beauty
Inspired by calm
Calm as day
Calm as night
Night closes in
Night enfolds
Enfolds the spirit
Enfolds the dream
Dream of me
Dream of you
You in harmony
You at peace
Peace and quiet
Peace flows
Flows like a river
Flows through everything
Everything, everywhere
Everything right
Right for here
Right for now
Now, the moment
Now, the place
Place in time
Place in history
History winks
History thinks
Thinks of today
Thinks of a way
Way to make amends
Way to move on
On my own
On the way