I’m enjoying playing with new poetry forms. This one’s a Florette. The rhyme scheme is a,a,b,a, and the meter is 8,8,8,12. The
fourth line has a requirement of internal (b) rhyme scheme, which I quite like, on syllable 8. The prompt for this one was ‘a disaster poem‘.

The shrill alarm of wakening
Banishes the dream, preventing
A return to enfolding sleep
His limbs obey like mindless sheep, mind-state changing

A bleary face cold-splashed awake
A stretch and a yawn ease the ache
Day begins as ev'ry other
Body pulls itself together, new day, retake

Downstairs, en-robed, all good so far
Kitchen, kettle and breakfast bar
All he needs now is the coffee
He opens the cupboard to see the empty jar